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Make Your Own Jewelry!

~No experience necessary~

We teach you how to make real jewelry from sterling silver and gold.

It's easy, fun and meaningful to create modern heirlooms for yourself or as unique gifts.

Buy a kit or attend one of our workshop experiences in New York City.

Meet the Metalsmiths

About Us

What people are saying:

“I think it was really great and I enjoyed it. When I arrived, the layout of the table was nice and the room had great atmosphere. The instructors were understandable, I had no idea jewelry was made in this way. It was very therapeutic”

What people are saying:

"I signed up for one of Quench's ring-making workshops, with no experience or knowledge at all about how to make jewelry. In an astoundingly short time, I now find myself with a beautiful piece of silver jewelry that I can say I made, as well as a lot of information about a new skill. These folks are great, and I highly recommend them."

What people are saying:

“My favorite part was making something really special and unique for myself and doing it with friends”

What people are saying:

“This makes an amazing evening with friends”